Character Stats

swtorThis is a list of attributes your characters in SW:TOR will have. Some are gained through levels and leveling, some via datacrons, but for the most part by various equipment.


  • Primary Stats
  • Secondary Stats
  • Equipment

Do note that so far this info is from beta and is subject to change prior to release!

Primary Stats

There are five primary/basic character attributes in SWTOR: Endurance, Aim, Cunning, Strength and Willpower. Endurance gives you 10 HP per single point, and the other four stats increase your class’ base damage and critical chance:

  • All primary stats give 1% crit for every 140 (at level 50)
  • Aim gives 0.2 ranged damage
  • Strength gives 0.2 melee damage
  • Cunning gives 0.2 tech damage
  • Will power gives 0.2 force damage

Your primary stat will always give either [Ranged + Tech] or [Melee + Force], so a Trooper will get a tech bonus from Cunning, and a Smuggler will get a ranged damage bonus from Aim in addition to the bonuses they already get from their primary stat. This causes Smugglers to do more damage with Weapon attacks, and Troopers will do more damage with Tech attacks (see: explosives) assuming both had the same base value and scaling. Strength and Willpower give both of them nothing but crit.

Secondary Stats

  • Presence – boots companion health, damage and healing
  • Power – adds melee, force and tech damage
  • Force/Tech Power – Found on weapons, works like Power but does not provide melee/ranged damage
  • Accuracy – Gives +hit and gives armor/spell pen over 100%
  • Crit – gives melee, force and tech crit
  • Surge – increased critical damage
  • Armor – reduces physical and kinetic damage (all Tech and Force powers unless listed otherwise are Kinetic)
  • Defense – increases Parry/Deflect (deflect is just ranged parry)
  • Shield – increases chance to be shielded on attack
  • Absorption – increases the % of damage shaved off shielded attacks
  • Alacrity – Cast/channel Haste
  • Expertise – PvP stat. Increases damage and healing done, reduces damage taken.


All characters have 9 armor slots, 3 relic slots, 1 mainhand and 1 offhand slot:

  • The nine  armor slots are:  Head, Chest, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet, Wrists, Ear and Implant.
  • Mainhand weapons: Lightsabers (single and double), vibroswords and knives, blaster pistols and rifles, sniper rifles, assault cannons, scatterguns (shotguns), and electrostaves. Gauntlets and Training swords are also listed as being in the game, but are insignificant past level 6, or not in the game as far as I can tell.
  • Offhands: Focus, shields, generators, lightsabers and blaster pistols.
  • Relics: Relics are poorly implemented currently, but they are just stat-sticks you make by combining matrix shards (which come from Datacrons.) Matrix Shards come in 4 colors, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Tri-color combinations (RGB, RGY, BYR and BYG) require level 15 and give a primary state and endurance (stat depends on the combo.) Double-color relics (YYR, BBG, etc.) give more stats, require level 24, and have a secondary stat. Single-color relics (RRR, BBB, etc.) always give your classes primary stat, have 2 secondary stats, and require level 50.

It should be noted, it is currently impossible to make some of the single-color relics as the matrix shards are not implemented correctly. The only 2 you can legitimately make to my knowledge are YYY, and possibly RRR.

Most gear is itemized currently so item types have correct core stats (i.e., no +WILL Heavy Armor.) There are a few exceptions that will be fixed (+CUN Assault Cannons, for example.)

You can furthermore customize your gear and character stats with mods, more on which you can find in our crafting guide.