Class Guides

The classes in Star Wars offer you the ability to play up to four distinct gameplay styles on both factions. Basically, the archetypes are nothing revolutionary: tank, healer and DPS, but it does work a bit differently than in some other MMORPGs.

In short, each class has their own personal healing, and each one can do damage. Their specific tanking and healing roles come from choosing advanced classes or specializations, which are basically talent trees. You can choose your advanced class at level 10, and it can be changed later on.

In SWTOR there’s a total of eight classes, four on Sith Empire and four on Galactic Republic.

Galactic Republic
Jedi Consular Jedi Knight Smuggler Trooper
Sith Empire
Sith Inquisitor Sith Warrior Imperial Agent Bounty Hunter

Classes in both alignments are basically mirrors of each other, meaning Jedi Consulars are pretty much the same as Sith Inquisitors, at least from the gameplay, abilities and item perspective. They all have unique play styles and class quests though. You can find out a lot more about each class by following the links in the table above.

You can also check out the overview and breakdown of classes and their basic info on the image below: