Early Access Begins, New Forums Launched

How long have you been waiting for SWTOR? This site is nearly 2 years old, and I’ve spend countless hours pouring through The Old Republic news, tweets and forums looking for any new information to satisfy my curiosity. Now the day has finally arrived when we can fully enjoy what Star Wars has to offer.

Early Access for SWTOR begins today. If you previously pre-ordered the game, you’ll get access within the next 7 days, depending on when you redeemed your code: those who redeemed it as early as possible will be able to play first.

Stephen Reid, BioWare’s Senior Community Manager tweeted a few things about the early access, including the exact start time: Early Game Access officially starts at 4AM PST / 6AM CST / 7AM EST / 12PM GMT / 1PM CETon December 13. Emails will be sent around then.

Additionally, here’s a few other questions answered related to the early access:

  • Emails will go out after that point in in waves. Yes, we’ll tell you when the emails will get sent via Forums/Twitter.
  • No, not *everyone* will get in tomorrow. We are strictly allowing people admittance by when they redeemed pre-order code.
  • All server types will be live tomorrow (PvP, PvE, RP-PvE, RP-PvP). All servers available to all (no EU-US or guild restrictions).
  • If you’re in a pre-imported guild, no, that doesn’t get you priority access- but your guild server will be there when you get in.
  • No, don’t ask when you get in. We will let in a *lot* of people tomorrow – but not everyone. If you’re not in Day One, don’t explode.
  • The Forums will be back up for all who have redeemed a pre-order code just before 7AM EST (AKA, Early Game Access start).
  • Servers you’ll see up tomorrow are NOT the final list. We’ll be adding more during Early Game Access.
  • I’m afraid I have no further updates on retailers and shipping, but it’s moving about at very high levels. More tomorrow on that.

Additionally, the new community forum is now up and running! All previous threads from the beta have been wiped, so you can be sure you’ll now only get new and updated information there. You can use it to discuss anything from classes to crew skills.

I’d also like to remind those who are still undecided with their class, race or other choices to check out some of the information on this site as well:

  • Classes: If you still don’t know which one you want to play, see this!
  • Races: A breakdown of all playable species
  • Planets: Take a look at which Star Wars planets you’ll level up on
  • SWTOR System Requirements: If you need to upgrade your PC, now’s the chance
  • Crew Skills: Take a look at our guide on professions and find out which ones are best for your class
  • Strategy Guide: You can also get this leveling and strategy guide to help you with The Old Republic

Remember, if you redeemed your pre-order code you might not get your game access immediately, so don’t get too frustrated. We’ve all been waiting for this game for years, so another few days won’t make much of a difference.

And so it begins. But really, how long have you been waiting for this game?