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We still have a couple of months until The Old Republic is out. While many of us are occupied watching countless gameplay videos and reading crafting and class stuff as much as possible, some are busy with writing player guides which will help you learn the details of that, and more. One of those are the writers behind Killerguides, a publisher with experience in writing guides for over 20 different online games. We got a deal with them helping you score a few free copies of their SWTOR strategy guide once it’s released, so read on to find out what you’re getting and how.

Killerguides is still working on polishing this guide and it’s not ready to be released just yet, but you can already preorder it early and ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity. SWTOR game preorders have now reached over 700,000 in US alone, so no doubt someone is interested in some detailed non-official information straight from beta testers who have had the chance to test the game top to bottom. I haven’t been able to read this guide just yet, but I did check out strategy guides for several other MMORPGs from the same publisher and I can say they are quite worth it.

There’s a lot of content planned for this strategy guide, and most importantly it will include a leveling guide to help you reduce those 200+ required hours of gameplay to reach the level cap to much less. A leveling guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic is definitely most helpful and will show you how to complete missions quickly by giving you their overview, descriptions, locations and more. Class-related missions will also be covered, and there are plenty of them for sure. Those are the ones you don’t want to miss as they usually give the best equipment, lightsabers, companions and even ships.

There’s also information on all available classes in this SWTOR strategy guide: we do our best to provide you with as much information as possible right here on this site, but it will probably never be as comprehensive as this premium guide. It’ll include class strategies, group tactics, abilities, skill tree builds, crew skill recommendations, info on companions, PvP tips, equipment recommendations and more. Basically, an all-in-one reference to your favorite class which you can fire up whenever you want and find out everything you need to know without having to search for it on different fansites. You could even fire it up on your iPad for ultimate coolness.

Crew skills are also covered, giving you an overview of all crafting, gathering and mission skills from someone who actually tried them all. You’ll get plenty of info on all aspects of professions, such as where to learn them, how to level them up, how to easily gain materials, which companions to take to increase your crew skills stats, etc. It’s also intermingled with a guide on making credits, which will teach you exactly how to make the most money out of all this. The credit making guide is actually quite comprehensive and goes well beyond crew skills, as all aspects of credit making are covered, whether you prefer flipping items on the auction house, grinding, doing missions, flashpoints, or something else.

Considering Killerguides has authors who are professional gamers and have the experience necessary to compile a guide like this, it will no doubt be a success. The guide is currently scheduled for release on the same date as SWTOR itself, but as I previously mentioned you can pre-order and secure your copy in advance: the guide is scheduled for release on the same day as the game, December 20: perfect. There’s also a huge number of other SWTOR guides they offer so I really suggest you at least check out what they have to offer.


For those of you looking to grab a free copy of Killerguides SWTOR Strategy Guide, all you have to do is post a comment below telling us why you think this guide will be awesome. We’ll choose the best 3 comments after a few days and forward your info (just make sure to type in a valid email in the required field) to Killerguides staff so they can set you up with the guide.



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Congratulations, your contact info will be forwarded to Killerguides. They’ll set you up with the guide as soon as it’s released. Everyone else, you can go ahead and preorder it.