NYCC Updates: Global Release Date, Flashpoints & More

The New York Comic Con panel for Star Wars: The Old Republic just ended, and we have some interesting news announced there.

First of all, SWTOR’s release date is now globally set to December 20, meaning players from Europe will get to enjoy the game on the same day as those from the US. Note however that TOR still won’t release in countries not in the list here. More details on that will hopefully come soon.

The official site has received a slight update with the addition of Operations (raids). No big news there though. We also recently found out there will be more than 10 flashpoints (instances) available at launch, and it’s certainly good to know they’re not sticking with the five we know about so far. Now we have a confirmed number of 15 Flashpoints(instances), which will be spread throughout your leveling experience: each new one will be available every few levels. Also all of these Flashpoints will have level 50 versions as well, which is undoubtedly great news for everyone worried about the endgame content.

Thanks to TorWars, we also have some other random bits of info:

  • Random: 200,000 posts per week on official forums
  • Only 1 game & no secret game in the background. 100% dedicated to TOR
  • New Operation involving the Hutts!
  • The 3 confirmed Warzones are Alderaan, Huttball and Voidstar
  • Collector’s Edition has access to VIP club at the respective fleets
  • Expansion is already under way (via comment by Daniel Erickson)
  • No “dungeon finder” re-confirmed
  • Extreme light/dark side points will affect appearance, but not abilities – for now
  • No player bounties, but has been discussed

Lastly we have another amazing (aren’t they all?) trailer called Signs of War, showing us a few planetsclassesPvP combat and what looks to be Ilum. Be sure to watch it below:

So tell us what you think of these new updates: is the trailer any good? Would you like to see more flashpoints and operations added at launch? Are you already excited more by the announcement of the expansion than the game itself? Discuss below.