Patch 1.2 Overview – Legacy System, New Warzones, Flashpoints & More

There are a ton of new features coming to our favorite game with the patch 1.2 called “Legacy”. New Operations, Flashpoints and Warzones, PvP Warzone rankings, guild banks, and of course the legacy system. This article will give you a short overview of the most important features coming in Legacy patch, most of which can also be seen in the Legacy patch trailer below.

  • New Warzone: Novare Coast
    • Also, Warzone rankings, ability to kick afk players, new daily missions, new PvP gear
  • New Operation: Explosive Conflict
    • “Story” difficulty mode for operations (easy mode), loot improvements, reverse engineering Operations gear,
  • New Flashpoint: The Lost Island (finishes she Kaon storyline from patch 1.1)
  • Expanded Legacy System
    • Legacy family tree
    • Abilities
    • Unlocks
    • Species unlocks
  • UI customization
  • Improved character textures
  • Character appearance customization
  • Mission tracker useables
  • New Corellia daily missions
  • New mini pets
  • Guild banks
  • New gear, vehicles, lightsaber colors, crafting schematics, extractable Tier 2 mods, ship droids gain affection, stackable companion gifts, reverse engineering random drops, crystal formations on Alderaan, increased chances of researching schematics, new roleplay emotes, Cybertech vehicles no longer bind on pickup, combat log, and more.

All in all, this massive patch will definitely bring you lots of new content to play with. I’m happy that the developers are actively working on improving the game and polishing many details that players have been asking for.