PvP Guide

PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic is usually broken down in two categories: Open World PvP and Warzones.

Open World PvP

The only known open-world PvP area currently is on planet Ilum. More will be revealed at a later date, and we’ll be sure to update this list. All open world PvP zones are strictly Republic vs. Empire.


  • Type: Mass PvP (100s)
  • Info: Able to control Turrets, hold bases. Designed to support Guerilla style run & gun fighting
  • Ilum is a level 50 end-game zone
  • About half of the planet’s size is used for the world PvP objective, and it’s a large planet
  • There are 5 control points in the zone: a Republic and Empire base at the north and south, as well as 3 central resources
  • All 5 points must be under control simultaneously for victory
  • Certain control points engage/deploy walkers that can and need to be take down by special shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, and perhaps other means. It takes a good 10 seconds to fire one of these rockets
  • Victory conditions award a buff that can stack, which awards extra Valor points (earned during other forms of PvP such as Warzones)
  • This buff is faction-wide
  • The status is persistent, no timers for the game to artificially start or “reset” – it’s always on
  • There are rare crafting resources available throughout the zone
  • Zone can hold hundreds of players
  • Design accounts for population differences
  • Operation (raid) group size is 24 players. (Note: PvE Operation instanced content is designed for 8 or 16, but the group itself can have 24 people in it.)


Warzones are basically like battlegrounds in other MMORPGs — instanced PvP areas. There are several different ones available, so check below to get some insight into each one:

Warzones in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ are instanced areas where Imperial and Republic forces battle each other in objective-based Player-vs-Player combat. Eight players from each side enter the Warzone and then compete to defeat other players and accomplish the mission they’ve been assigned. To emerge victorious, players will have to work together strategically, leveraging their strengths and exploiting their enemies’ weaknesses. At the end of each match, the winning team will be recognized, and individual players on both sides will be rewarded according to their contributions to their respective teams.

There are three different warzones you can participate in: Alderaan, Huttball and Voidstar. Details on each can be found below.


  • Type: Objective based 8 vs 8
  • Goal: To control the planetary defences and destroy the other teams drop ship.
  • Republic vs Empire

In the “Alderaan” Warzone, Republic and Imperial players clash on the scarred battlegrounds of the iconic world. High above the battlefield, two troop transports, one for each side, continuously supply their faction with reinforcements. In order to claim victory, one side must knock the other’s transport out of the sky. In order to do this, players must battle for control of three laser turrets that are spread out across the battlefield. Once one team takes control of a turret, it will open fire on the enemy transport!

As more turrets fall under the control of one faction, the firepower unleashed on the enemy transport intensifies. Once the enemy transport’s structural integrity is depleted, the ship will explode and the battle is over.

Control of the turrets can change hands several times during the course of the fight. Teams have to practice a careful balance of offense and defense to maintain a steady volley of fire on the enemy transport.

Alderaan Tips

  • Simple rule: Take 2, defend 2. I cannot stress this enough. The easiest way to lose is to attempt to take all three guns. This is not possible to maintain. You want to win? Decide during startup which cannons you want, then defend them, at least 2 on the East/West and 3 in the center. It is mathematically impossible to lose as long as you control more turrets than them–simple math and logic.
  • Second rule: FOLLOW THE FIRST RULE. This map is very easy to win if you have a team that doesn’t charge off from the cannon the moment they capture it. The enemy will have to come to you, so you’ll still get your kills–you’ll even have the higher ground.
  • Don’t run off alone. This is a rule to follow for all maps, but it’s particularly important on Alderaan because there are few natural funnels like there are on Voidstar and Huttball. If you run off alone, you have a very good chance of getting killed.
  • If you see someone capturing a turret, just fire a simple ranged attack at them. Any damage will interrupt them, and reset the timer back to 0/10 seconds.


  • Type: Conquest
  • Goal: One team plays as a boarding party attempting to make their way to the bridge of the ship finding a way from room to room. The other team defends the ship, attempting to prevent the invaders from progressing.
  • Republic vs Empire

Voidstar is an assault-style Warzone in which one side attempts to fight its way to access the ship’s data core, while the other side defends the ship and attempts to prevent the other side from reaching the data core. The battle takes places across multiple sections of the ship, through blast doors and across elevated bridge spans where taking a fall is almost always lethal. The attackers battle their way through each section, drawing ever closer to the ship’s data core, while the defenders seek to halt the attackers’ progress at various control points

The match is broken up into multiple rounds. After the completion of each round, the teams switch sides between being the attackers and the defenders. The winner is determined by whichever side reaches the data core the fastest. In the case that the defenders win both rounds, the winner is determined by whichever side came closest to achieving the objective.

Voidstar Tips

  • The focus is not getting kills but achieving the objective. Protect those planting bombs, and prioritize that over getting a kill.
  • Focus on one side–do NOT spread yourselves too thin. You don’t need to plant bombs on both doors, just one!
  • Use Line Of Sight to your favor. There are tons of places to block LOS on this map, particularly in the first room. Use them to reduce the number of people you fight at once.
  • If an enemy is planting a bomb, I don’t care how low health your opponent is, DROP EVERYTHING and disrupt the bomber.


  • Type: Carry the Flag/Ball
  • Goal: To score goals in the opposing sides area. Two teams clash for the amusement of the masses and to win favor with the famed Giradda the Hutt.
  • Republic vs Empire, Empire vs Empire, or Republic vs Republic

In Huttball, two teams meet inside the deadly confines of “The Pit”, an arena unlike any other in the galaxy! The teams battle for control of a ball which appears in the center of the arena. Whichever team has the ball must run with it, pass it, or use whatever means necessary to get it across the opposing team’s goal line, while simultaneously battling the enemy team and avoiding the many fire, acid and anti-gravity traps that litter the playing field. At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins.

Huttball Tips

  • PASS THE BALL! When you see teams that are up 4-0, it’s often because they pass the ball along in a train, quickly getting to the endzone.
  • Knockbacks around the acid pools.This is a great way to cause confusion and buy time.
  • The focus is the BALL. Do not waste time hunting down random kills–focus on protecting your ball-carrier or cutting down the opponent’s ball-carrier.


You get experience and credits by participating in player versus player combat. Along with that, you get Commendations and Valor points.


There are two types: Warzone and Mercenary Commendations. Warzone Commendations come from participating in Warzones, and Mercenary Commendations from open world PvP, clearly. Both can be used to buy a variety of PvP boosts and equipment. You can also exchange these commendations for each other.


You get Valor in all PvP areas and situations. They grant you character titles and some other things such as “Leader” status in Warzones. It will work based on ranks, and it’s also used for matchmaking purposes.

General PvP Info

  • Many neutral planets have open-world PvP zones which are up for grabs with multiple control points (ie. bases, and turrets)
  • If a faction takes control of planetary defenses, bombing runs can be called in on opposing base
  • You get two types of Commendations from PvP. Warzone Commendations come from Warzones & Mercenary Commendations comes from open world PvP. Both can be used to by high end PvP gear. You can also exchange them for the other if needed.
  • On PvP servers, there is nothing to stop higher-level players from returning to lower-level planets (except starter/capital) and ganking lower-level players. The guards in the various safe areas on all planets are universally high level, to provide at least some protection for those leveling
  • Players of opposing factions can almost always fight each other out in the open world, so long as they toggle their PVP flag. This flag will automatically be toggled “on” in designated PVP areas on a PVE server and in most areas on a PVP server
  • If you fulfill a role type in a Warzone such as Healer or Tank your abilities actually benefit your side. You gain Badges such as absorbing damage etc, Taunt abilities from a Tank are useful as you pull damage off others. The more badges you earn by filling a role the more tokens you get to spend
  • Currently access to PvP Start after the origin worlds around level 10
  • Each player is allowed to assign one commendation at the end of the match to any teammate. These commendations increase the rewards acquired by that player
  • All classes gain Resolve bars while in PvP. These bars are a visual representation of diminishing returns that show a characters susceptibility to crowd control
  • You can receive at least four different rewards for PvP: Valor, Tokens, Experience, and Credits
  • You can level up just by doing PvP