SWTOR a $300 Million Failure?

A disgruntled ex-employee of EA/Mythic by the nickname of EALouse recently revealed some nasty details of what’s going on inside the company and how it affects the games we play. He worked on Warhammer Online, but also has some insider information about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

According to him, the game will be a failure. Apparently the only decent thing about SWTOR are voiceovers, while the gameplay is definitely lacking.

And you know what they’re most proud of? This is the kicker. They are most proud of the sound. No seriously. Something like a 20Gig installation, and most of it is voiceover work. That’s the best they have. The rest of the game is a joke. EA knows it and so does George Lucas,they’re panicking , and so most of Mythic has already been cannibalized to work in Austin on it because they can’t keep pushing back launch.

Unfortunately there’s no way to verify his statement at this time, but does this really mean the game will suck? There’s still time until SWTOR is released, and much can and will change. There’s no way to tell how the game will look when it’s released, and we can all only hope it will be perfect. Considering how many recently released MMORPG games really were bad, I’m hoping the same will not happen to Star Wars, a game we all eagerly await.

Furthermore EA Louse mentioned that Star Wars: TOR cost more than $300 million! To put it in perspective, he mentioned James Cameron’s Avatar which cost about $280 million. As a comparison, some sources claim World of Warcraft development and upkeep costs to date are far less than $200 million. While the amount of money EA put into SWTOR is certainly admirable, I wonder if the game can actually be that bad in the end?

Considering how much money they put into SWTOR, I think it’ll be a decent game with a lot of players. Will it ever reach the numbers of WoW is hard to say, but I doubt it will be a “failure“.

What do you think?

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