SWTOR Has 1.5 Million Beta Subscribers

Speaking at a Lazard Capital Markets Technology & Media Day presentation EA CFO Eric Brown said the company has “over one million, closer to 1.5 million” people opted-in to be notified about the inevitable open beta of SWTOR.

Not really surprising, Brown wouldn’t comment on when the open beta might begin. He did say however that for sure the game launch is NOT happening during the company’s first fiscal quarter, which runs April through June. My guess on the release date might be on the spot :p

Apparently, Bioware Austin hopes this game will take a huge chunk of players from its biggest competitor, World of Warcraft, as well as attract many other MMORPG players. In addition they hope that many new players might be inclined to try Star Wars: The Old Republic simply because of word of mouth and the overall huge popularity of the Star Wars IP.

“For us it’s about creating the right experience for expanding from tier 1 and the tier 2 users to getting people who have never played an MMO before, but are interested in Star Wars, to engage and give it a try.”

If we do that, our addressable market is well beyond 12 million people … into more of a general gamer population, pretty much anyone that has a minimum spec personal computer

In other news, you can watch a video of the Taral V Flashpoint (dungeon, instance) from PAX below.

The other big demo shown was the space combat.

It’s more of a side-game than an important element but I still think it’s pretty sweet.

The 16-minute flashpoint video however didn’t impress me as much. I’ve seen both positive and negative reactions. Overall it just looks like another dungeon to me, this one just set in a Star Wars world, but I do seem to be in a minority here. What do you think?

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